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Carerix - Enables the ultimate matchmaking
Use 'Continuous Feedback’ to improve the
Candidate Experience


A good Candidate Experience determines whether you are able to entice candidates to respond, engage them to learn more about your organisation and enthuse them so they want to come back.

People are prepared to give feedback more so than ever before, but it must be easy, even enjoyable, for them to do so. But even more importantly: something must be done with it, because why would people provide feedback if you didn’t even reward them by listening to it. The integrated feedback tool by Starred offers you a powerful instrument that provides a real-time insight into the Candidate Journey.

  • Focuses on the candidate and asks the right questions
  • Personalised invitation e-mail
  • Feedback form always on one page with visible ‘send’ button
  • Intuitive dashboard for real-time insight
  • Transparent and accessible
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Track record for the highest response in the market
  • Personal advice from Starred about optimising response rate

Effective knowledge about candidates is essential for intermediaries, recruiters, HR managers and hiring managers. Starred allows you to measure needs, experiences and motivations in every phase of the Candidate Journey. Start improving Candidate Experience today and become more appealing to talented candidates.

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