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The recruitment and staffing supply chain is becoming faster, more complex and more demanding. This means everything we know today won’t necessarily be relevant in the future. Signals from customers, candidates and company employees must be seen as indicators for validating whether organisations are still on track. This means feedback is of great importance.

“Successful companies listen to their customers and are able to use feedback to improve their services.” – Thijs Maters, Harvey Nash

Ratecard’s integrated feedback tool allows your company to obtain new insights and manage your reputation. It is possible to collect feedback via SMS or e-mail during every phase of the recruitment and staffing process, for example, after an intake interview or after an onboarding or offboarding process. It is also possible to determine exactly what kind of feedback is required – Net Promoter Score (NPS), average score or another benchmark.

  • Collect periodic feedback via recurring campaigns
  • Collect feedback in every phase of the recruitment process
  • Set personal goals for your average score
  • Request feedback via SMS and e-mail campaigns
  • Manage your reputation via search engines and social media
  • Real-time interface with Carerix Continuous feedback allows you to compile a reliable data set that can help you to further improve your candidate experience. Effective candidate know-how is in everyone’s best interest.
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