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Carerix - Enables the ultimate matchmaking
Complicated candidate search assignments become easy


Search! by Textkernel features semantic search software which allows you to quickly match appropriate candidates with appropriate vacancies. Thanks to integration in Carerix via CxSearch!, you can now combine this in your daily search for candidates. You can use a single search assignment to search in several (CV) databases on the internet and social media. This detailed search technology improves your chances of finding suitable candidates for your vacancies.

Why CxSearch?

  • Value of own CV database – Easily and intuitively search your CV database
  • Candidates can be found in several places – Increasing need for ‘federated search’: search in several environments with 1 search assignment
  • Semantic vs keyword search – Make intelligent search technology available within your CRM systems


  • Reduce the time needed to find relevant candidates and match them via ranking and semantic searches
  • Be first in making contact with the most appropriate candidates
  • 1 hour saved per recruiter per day (on an average of 5 active vacancies per recruiter)
  • You gain a competitive advantage by enriching and providing access to your database

Search! works with all languages. It is currently possible to add domain-specific knowledge in English, Dutch, German and French. New languages are added on a regular basis. View the tour on the website of Textkernel.

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Try CxSearch! free for the first month. You can then pay a fixed amount per month.

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