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Carerix - Enables the ultimate matchmaking
Customer satisfaction and quality

Carerix and Partners

Since being founded in 2003, Carerix has collaborated with organisations and companies to effectively meet the needs of its customers, thus allowing them to maximise their success in the labour market. Carerix partnerships are mutually beneficial and are established with partners that possess the same DNA as Carerix. The main aim is for Carerix and its Partner work intensively to find joint solutions for customers. Carerix Partnerships are often established on the back of successful collaborations for a mutual client.

Carerix Partners set strict requirements for customer satisfaction and the quality of their services and/or products. These partners are often household names in their area of expertise. Carerix Partners thus also improve Carerix’s proposition, marketing, market share and Thought Leadership.

In 2015 Carerix decided to launch its Carerix Partner programme in order to be faster and more effective in exploiting (mutual) opportunities in collaboration with its Partners. See below for further information, as well as insights into the various Partnerships, conditions for becoming a Carerix Partner and the support offered by Carerix.