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Carerix - Enables the ultimate matchmaking
Enabling the ultimate matchmaking

User Experience

Your customers expect better transparency, guarantees and speed. Candidates are becoming more vocal and expect a genuine bond with organisations that represent them. In addition, competition continues to increase. This means your employees determine how successful you will be in your job as intermediary.

‘Success’ can be seen as your organisation’s ability to quickly and professionally match candidates or professionals with the vacancies of your customers. This is a complex process featuring a great deal of information, although the human factor also plays an important role. Both candidates and customers expect the ultimate experience. So focus on your employees and make them productive.
The formula for success is based on a system your organisation can rely on. This system initiates higher productivity, effective collaboration and clear insights. At any time, from any location, on any device and in the user’s mother tongue. This is only possible if all processes are managed in a single system – from e-mails to the release of vacancies, and everything involving your candidates and your customers. Supported by clear (management) dashboards

Control Tower

You must give your employees effective tools if you want to meet the expectations of candidates, professionals and customers. This formula for success is based on a system your organisation can rely on. We refer to this as the “Control Tower”. This is where all information is gathered and where recruiters are supported in finding appropriate candidates, involving clients, hiring managers and making effective decisions based on real-time management information. It is a modern system based on various technologies which interact smoothly and engage all stakeholders in the process.


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