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Customer Experience

Your customers want more and more control over recruitment & selection and staffing processes in their own organisations, as well as the organisations of intermediaries. This means all involved parties must adopt a different form of collaboration.

Processes must be transparent, predictable and, from the customer’s perspective, outsourceable so workload can be minimised wherever possible. Naturally, this approach must be supported by modern tools which make collaboration easy, clear and transparent, and flexible enough to adapt to specific situations encountered by customers

Peace of mind based on effective results

Recruitment, selection and deployment of professionals is essential to your customers if they want to meet their commercial objectives. As an intermediary, your job is to help on this front because your customers are not always effective when searching for and finding talented individuals, and when deploying qualified professionals. But the collaboration models adopted by customers and suppliers are now changing. RPO, Brokering, development of talent pools, cross-border recruitment, as well as transparent processes based on KPI’s like Time-to-Hire and Quality-to-Hire, are developments which point to further intensification and professionalisation in the relationship between customers and intermediaries. You will be able to retain your customers for longer by using appropriate tools in specific phases of your relationship with them. This means real-time, up-to-date information exchange between you and your customers, by using various technologies managed via a single system. This is the experience your customers expect you to offer.

Difficult to realise? A comprehensive solution like Carerix gives your customers peace of mind and intensifies your interaction, thus allowing you to focus on finding appropriate candidates and professionals for your customers.


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