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Candidate Experience

A good Candidate Experience determines whether you can entice candidates to respond, retain their attention so they want to learn more about your organisation, and excite them to return. This means the Candidate Experience must be safeguarded throughout your organisation, which includes digital and physical contact with candidates.

The digital world plays an important role in this, and candidates are more demanding and expect to be treated in an efficient manner, whether via mobiles, tablets or desktops. They want to immediately access relevant information and possibilities so they can respond quickly.

Find, Entice and Excite

You will be able to retain your candidates for longer if you listen to their needs and make sure appropriate tools are used in specific phases of your relationship with them. This means you not only have to offer good information about the various technical channels, like e.g. telephone apps, (job) sites, video, telephone and social media, but you also have to make sure all these technologies smoothly interact with each other. This helps to reinforce each of the technologies and proactively informs your organisation when action is necessary. And everything takes place at exactly the right time. This is the experience your candidates expect you to offer.
Difficult to realise? A comprehensive solution like Carerix gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on enticing, retaining and exciting your candidates.


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