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Carerix - Enables the ultimate matchmaking
A modern cloud-based platform

CRM software for staffing

  • Recruitment CRM system
  • Software and solutions that enable the ultimate matchmaking
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Carerix develops CRM software to improve staffing and recruitment processes. We developed this platform by using our long-standing expertise and experience. It is a modern cloud-based platform which supports the whole CRM, recruitment and selection and staffing process. Since it is cloud-based, it is possible to access the platform whenever and wherever you want, from any device.

CRM software for your staffing process

We developed various editions of our CRM software, so different kinds of organisations can use our software. For example, we created a Staffing Edition of our CRM software, which is especially made for staffing professionals with an eye for detail. Our Staffing Edition brings speed, continuity and efficiency in your work process by allowing easy outsourcing and well-organised follow-up. With our Staffing Edition you can also generate contracts, manage the billing process and register worked time. You can also add various features and modules to this edition to customise the software.

The right instrument for each target group

Candidates, clients and recruiters each can use our CRM software for the staffing process. Each target group needs different tools. Our experience solutions such as the Candidate Experience, Customer Experience and User Experience offer appropriate tools to improve their experience, which serves as a guarantee for success. For more information or to request a non-committal demonstration, please contact us by calling +31(0)85 743 04 50.

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