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Overview Webinars Roadshow 2018

Webinar: Carerix Tips & Tricks »

Make the most of your Carerix system
Alain Vacquier (Carerix)Misja van der Velden (Carerix)This is always a popular knowledge session and explains how to use Carerix. Alain and Misja use the session to take you through the various facets of the Carerix system: this includes designing smart Configuration profiles, easily compiling e-mail templates, creating pre-defined search filters with macros, Talent pools and many other tips. The session is concluded by addressing the most commonly used triggers for cleverly automating your work processes.
Alain Vacquier & Misja van der Velden (Carerix)

Webinar: Carerix GDPR implementation examples »

(The recording of this webinar will follow soon)
For organisations that have already established their GDPR processes and roles on paper and want to support them using Carerix
Hans Rook (Carerix)Bo Stevens (Carerix)Have you already done the ground work? Is your PIA ready? Do you have a privacy statement? Have internal processes been defined and are storage periods known? If so, it is now time to structure your Carerix platform. But how do you translate your policy into processes that are embedded in Carerix This session addresses all instruments and best practices that Carerix offers to support the GDPR. The presenters use clear examples to provide an insight into the new tools.

Hans Rook & Bo Stevens (Carerix)

Webinar: Genuinely collaborate with your candidates, freelancers, clients and suppliers »

Use the renewed Carerix portals to create the best possible Client and Candidate Experience
Alwin Baaij (Carerix)Mirna Ploos van Amstel (Carerix)Collaborate with all your stakeholders in one central environment. Experience the benefits, convenience and familiarity of unique customer, candidate, freelance HR/RPO and supplier portals. They have been fully integrated into Carerix and make it easier to implement the GDPR and safeguard data quality.

Alwin Baaij & Mirna Ploos van Amstel (Carerix)

Webinar: Immediate access to the best talent in your database »

Are you already using the Talent pools in Carerix?
Mark Hopman (Carerix)The renewed ‘Talent pool’ functionality in Carerix allows you to build and manage specific pools of candidates. Targeted (marketing) communication with your talent pool can be used to speed up the time-to-hire process, improve candidate experience, achieve better matches and reduce staff turnover. This session highlights the benefits of Talent pools and allows you to immediately get started in your Carerix App!

Mark Hopman (Carerix)

Aftermovie Roadshow 2018
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